We have the best selection in Dallas Texas.

We will help you select the best glasses to fit your style and budget. We guarantee it! Dallas Observer has nominated our shop as the "best optical shop of 2013" and the "best Specs in the Dallas area in 2009." And Yelp gives us a 5 star review under Eye-ware, Opticians, and Optometrists in Dallas Texas. But the greatest reviews comes directly from our numerous customers who have been loyal since 1995 and continue to return and suggest us to their families and friends.

Recommended Reviews

This place is great! Huge selection of frames. Everything from normal to edgy! I wanted something unusual and different and they had it! Great prices too!!!! They will make you a deal. If you don’t have insurance this is the place to go. Arman and Matiar are super nice. Got my glasses on same day!
I walked out with 3 totally different pairs! I couldn’t be happier!!!
— Krysta A. Mesquite, TX
This place is amazing. I recently needed glasses asap and used Yelp’s suggestion of Payrite Optical as my first stop. The guy in the store was super helpful and nice (I spent about an hour trying on different glasses) and the store carries what must be on the order of 5,000 different frames (some of those being different colors of the same style). There is a wide variety in frame cost too, so you can spend $100 or $700, up to you. As noted by other reviewers, there are deals to be had here. I got my frames and lenses for $249, and the frames themselves were listed as being $298. He had the glasses ready for me in 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES! This was the most satisfying ‘optical’ experience I’ve had in ever. Definitely recommend you go here if you want to get awesome glasses NOW for a reasonable price.
— Kaia V.
I came in with a broken pair of frames and they fixed it for free. They were busy but we only waited 5 minutes. They have a small store, but they have a ton of frames to choose from. The service is great. The prices are awesome. I will definitely go back.
— Jason B. Dallas, TX
I am absolutely in love with my glasses! Armand is the man! I got personal frames for a great price. If you’re looking for something unique this is the place! He knows what you’ll like just by asking a few questions. I love him! And yelling hallelujah after the sale makes it even better. I bought two pair and am already ready to go get more frames! :)
— Ashley C. Dallas, TX
Love me some Payrite....Armand is the consummate professional. Competent, honest, great attitude. I buy all my glasses and sunglasses here. Highest recommendation.
— Kevin S. Richardson, TX
Hallelujah! My boyfriend finally decided he needed some new glasses. He wanted 2 pairs and with no vision insurance chipping in, price was a top priority. So he went to Yelp and found Payrite Optical, dragging me along in the role of fashion consultant. I hadn’t read the reviews and judging by the name and the strip mall exterior was expecting the Payless Shoes of eyewear. Boy was I wrong.

We were immediately were greeted by the owner, who quickly sized us up and made sure to run everything past me. The owner was a trip: part used car salesman, part Tim Gunn, part QVC host. He gave his honest feedback (wisely agreeing with me in any minor domestic disagreements....). In the end, we ended up with 2 frames that everyone agreed were fantastic.

Then came the prices, which were very fair. That part felt a bit over the top, but without having said a word about his price range, the glasses came to $2 less than my boyfriend’s preferred budget. The owner insisted that we say “hallelujah” when he told us the final price, which we did. With sincerity.

The selection was truly impressive. This is where you go to get statement frames. (They have regular ones, too.) There’s a high liklihood that I will be returning after an upcoming visit to the eye doc for some “fun” frames of my own.
— Michelle B.
I was looking for some funky, unique frames and I went to Yelp for suggestions. I was skeptical at first, since all the reviews of PayRite are so positive and the pictures of the shop were not all that “hip” looking. But I went. And let me tell you, this place rules. Arman is the man. He listens to what you want and helps pick out frames for you to try. He’s welcoming, funny, and never pushy. Plus, he gave me a great deal on my frames! I left so happy and over the top satisfied!
— Lauren B. San Marcos, TX
Arman is a man who has mastered the art of warm service that starts with the instinct for selecting new frames for you that meet both your personality and your budget. And he does a great job with prescriptions, too. He really does make it a quick and efficient visit. Every time. Starting with high-style designer shades or standard frames, he’ll put you at ease in mere moments with the hottest, trendy-happy styles that look marvelous on you. If you don’t have the budget for Gucci or Versace this season, watch the dollar signs melt away. Still not limbo-low enough? He’s got super-reasonable knock-offs too! Now, aside from that hot-to-trot eye-wear, there’s also the can’t-ignore-it-wonderbrow...but it would be wrong to let that extended happy-trail influence you, wouldn’t it??
— D S. Dallas, TX